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    Thermal Growth of Shaft in Cosmosworks

      <p class="msonormal"><font face="Arial" color="navy" size="2"><spanstyle=" font-family: Arial; color: navy; font-size: 10pt;">A shaftis put in an oven and heated from 40 C to 160 C. I want to find thethermal growth of it in all directions when the complete volumebecomes 160 C.</span></font><br><br>What boundary conditions do I used to solve this ?<br><br><br></p>
        • Thermal Growth of Shaft in Cosmosworks
          SolidWorks Corp
          Hi Dip, if there is symmetry in the model, utlilize that to stabilze the directions that can be restrained with symmetry. For a pure temperature change, the Soft Springs option in the Study Properties is a good solution for directions that you can't clearly restrain.
          As always, I caution you or any other CW user to minimize use of Soft Springs as a way to avoid having to think about restraints. It should be a last resort.
          As far as temperature input goes, that should be pretty straightforward if you read the Help on this Load. Let me know if it doesn't make sense.

            • Thermal Growth of Shaft in Cosmosworks
              DIPJYOTI ACHARYA
              Thank you for response.

              But analysis doesn't make sense.

              1. I have restrained the sides of the shaft restricting motion inaxial direction only while the other two direction in-plane remainunrestricted.

              2. Used static study - inertial relief option and referencetemperature at zero strain = 25C.

              3. Applied temperature to whole solid body at 160 C

              The fringe showing the distribution of displacement seems ok.
              BUT, once we switch to VECTOR distribution it doesn't makesense
              ALSO, the displacement in X direction is different than Y directionwhich should be equal as they are in radial direction.

              Please help.