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Subassembly routing

Question asked by Alexander Odenthal on May 26, 2014
Latest reply on May 26, 2014 by Alexander Odenthal

Hello there!




The main goal is to visualize some tubes and pipes in different subassemblys.


Well i think there are quite some bugs in the routing feature, this one doesn´t clear when shutting SW and deleting my progress:


I already created different routes in their subassembly, but now when i´d like to start another there´s no option to create such an subassembly,


instead my previous route is opened, by adding a new point. Because sometimes the initial tube coming out of the fitting has infinite length i have to cancel it and suddenly my


previously saved subassembly which is opened, is deleted although i only accepted "delete changes" and not delete all. Even if i cancel the "new point" option without clicking


anywhere my previous subassembly is deleted and i have to reload.


I assume my subassembly somehow contains a mysterious mistake preventing any progress in further constructions.


I have to add, that anytime i open the assembly i´m asked to rebuild the assembly, although i saved it in rebuild constitution.



Someone got an idea? Would be kind!




A. Odenthal