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Simplifying Surface Geometry

Question asked by Emily Dinsdale on May 26, 2014
Latest reply on May 30, 2014 by Andrew Lowe

Hi Everyone


I am working on the model for a car which I want to analyze the flow in ANSYS 14.5. When I import the geometry into the meshing aspect of this software the program won't mesh and after technical discussions with ANSYS support they came back with the following message.


"Your geometry is a very high-order NURBS surface and this is the reason that it is failing on meshing, simply because it is running out of memory due to the high complexity of the underlying topology. The geometry is not complex, but the way it has been constructed is very complex"


My questions is there a way to decrease the order of the NURBS number on a surface? I am happy to split it up or whatever. I just need to decrease the complexity so that I can analyze the body work.


Thank you for any help