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    Is Solidwork is for Engineers only?

    Vikas Pathania



      I having Geography backround and GIS / Remote Sensing professional and now i want to switch to solidwork. My question is this :That Soldwork welcomes people from other fields rather then Machanical or electrical . 

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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SOLIDWORKS forums Vikas.


          No I would say that SW is for everyone, the only thing is that how you want to use it. There are various types of people who use it on daily basis.


          You might also find this post helpful for your future reference.

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            Chris Dordoni



            Vector format topographic maps with contours lines could be used in SolidWorks to generate surfaces, but this could be a very time consuming.


            SolidWorks does not work directly with DTMs, triangles, polygons or point cloud data which is typically how topograhic data is formatted. There are various ways to convert these to SolidWorks surfaces, but this typically results in more time and additional software.


            Can you be more specific about what your needs are?

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              John Burrill

              Vikas, tell about what you're using now and what your job entails what you want to use Solidworks to do.  I have some experience with GIS/Civil/Survey software and it's not really like Solidworks.

              Do you want to change proffessions to be a mechanical designer or engineer?

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                  Vikas Pathania

                  First of all thank you for reply. YES i want job in solidwork and for that i start learning it by my own . But when i am searching jobs the eligibility criteria  goes like degree/Diploma in Mechanicals or Electronics.  That creating panics for me as i having Geography backround . Thats why i decided to ask experts like you . Either i should go with Solidworks or not.

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                  Stefan Wozniak

                  I have seen cakes made in SolidWorks (software is friendly) so you don't need to be mechanical Engineer. Although software was designed for engineers and most of projects are machines.

                  You can also do furnitures or everything you want. You just need to have some knowledge about things that you want to create, in many cases it's engineering knowledge.

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                    Mike Pogue

                    If I understand your question, you want to change careers. SolidWorks is used almost exclusively in mechanical design. Anybody can learn SolidWorks in a reasonable amount of time, but it takes much longer to learn design principles. You can get a job just by knowing  SolidWorks, the same as many other high-end software packages, but these are entry-level jobs. To be an engineer or designer, you will need a degree or a lot of experience.