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Drawings not opening in eDrawings - solutions???

Question asked by Michael Lindblad on May 23, 2014

I was wondering if anybody knows of any additional solutions to the issue of Solidworks 2014 drawings not opening in eDrawings (which has been brought up on here in the past), other than updating to SW14 SP2 ?


Here is the problem we are having... We use Solidworks for all of our drawing creation, and also use eDrawings to allow non-Solidworks users to view and print drawings. It just recently came to light that all drawings created or revised since we upgraded to Solidworks 2014 will not open in eDrawings. From the investigating that I have done I have learned that this is somehow caused by the .jpeg company logo in our sheet format. From what I understand this can be fixed by updating to the SP2 version of Solidworks. Our issue is that we use a die design add-in called Logopress that I am told is not compatible with SP2, so unfortunately this is not an option at this time...


So I guess my question is does anybody know of another way around this problem? The only thing that I can think of is to manually go into all drawings created since we upgraded to SW2014 and change the logo in the sheet format to a .bmp inserted as an object, which will allow the file to be opened in eDrawings... this will be a major pain and something we would like to avoid if possible. Has anybody else experienced a similar problem?? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!