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    2D Dim Questions

    Fake Name

      I have a part that is essentially bent.  It is making dimensioning difficult.  See attached.


      1- How can I make a view that is normal to the flange coming off the bent part?  Or any of the bent part, for that matter?


      2- In DrawingView2 (front angle) I have a dim that is 51.00.  Above it you see 48.67, again, because of this angle.  Apparently the only way to auto-dim it is with a proper angle, thus I must use the front view to dimension the hole's offset from the edge of the part (which is 51.00).  But it is not readily apparent in that view that there's a hole there.  In fact, had the top of that flange not been a half-circle, I never would have been able to dimension it to begin with.  So- how can I make hidden lines like those that would exist for the thru-cut hole visible?


      3- Is there any way override what a dim says so that I could just put "51.00" where "48.67" is?

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          Glenn Schroeder

          I'm at home sick today, and don't have SW here, so I can't open your files, but I'll try to help.


          1.  Open the part, and orient it the way you want the drawing view to appear in the drawing.  One way to do that is to click on one face, hold down Ctrl and select a second face that's perpendicular to the first one selected, then hit the "Normal to" button.  That will orient the part so that the first face selected is normal to your screen and the second one is at top.  Now hit your space bar.  That will bring up a dialog box.  There is an icon near the top for "New View" (or something like that).  Click on it and name this view.  Go back to your drawing.  You can select this new view from the PropertyManager when inserting a new view, or when clicking on an existing view to change it to the new view.


          3.  You can over-ride a dimension, but it's a very dangerous practice, since future edits of the model won't be reflected in an over-ridden dimension.  If you're determined to do it, and willing to accept the risk, you can click on a dimension and about halfway down it's PropertyManager there is a box you can check for "Override dimension", or go just below it to the text box and delete <DIM> and enter what you want.


          And do you mind if I ask why not use your real name for your user name?

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            Jamil Snead

            What you need is an auxiliary view. Click on an edge that is perpendicular to the hole axis (like the top left edge of the part) and then click Auxiliary View from the View Layout menu.


            aux view.png


            It will create a view that comes off perpendicular to the edge you selected, so in this case it would look straight on at the hole.


            aux view2.png


            And as far as overriding a dimension, here is a picture of the option Glenn is talking about.


            aux view3.png