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    Sketch Text not working

    Cathy Ross

      My company has need very occasionally to create a unique font to be used in SolidWorks for products that require our logos to be molded in to a part. We have used a program called FontCreator to create the fonts (getting more money for a better program may not be possible). The first logo we created is working fine but the logo I created this week is not working the same. For some reason the letters when right adjusted or left adjusted will just stack on top of each other. The first logo spreads out the way I expect it to but the new logo will only space out when using align center.

      I'm not sure sketching is the correct place for this question but it feels like the best fit.


                                                      logo pict.png

      Has anyone else seen this? Is there some setting I've never heard of? I know I can manully set spacing but I do not want to have to do that.

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          Tom dunn

          Look at the attached file. Have you tried to adjust the option shown with the red arrow? try 150% and see if the text changes?

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            Jamil Snead

            I've never made a font before, but suspect it might be a setting within the font. Perhaps the font stores information for the letter spacing when left-aligned, different spacing for center-aligned, and another spacing for right-aligned, and maybe the spacings for left and right aligned are set at 0. Then the solidworks spacing adjustment woudn't do anything becasue it would be scaling 0.


            Does the font do the same thing in any other program like Word?

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                Cathy Ross

                The font works fine in word and the "waterpik" font is fine in SolidWorks and word. When I created my "waterflosser" font I started with "waterpik" font and renamed it and created new letters. The only place left would be in each letter cell and I'm playing with that now but it will take me some time. I'll let you know.

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                    John Burrill

                    Cathy, I suspect that within the font, you need to either set the intercharacter spacing, the leading or the tracking to some default value.  Word may display the font correctly because word doesn't allow you to alter the character spacing the way a typesetter program like InDesign or Illustrator would.  My guess is that SolidWorks is using that functionality to for sketch text (probably doesn't for annotation text).

                    In any case, it sounds like there's a spacing requirment missing from the font that's causing the text not to advance with the cursor when you type.  I suggest creating some text with the font in Illustrator or another typesetting program and see if you can reproduce the behavior there.  If so, then you'll need to go back to your font-editing program and see what you're missing.