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Blocks and External References

Question asked by Alex Bailey on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on May 23, 2014 by Alex Bailey

Good Morning All,


I have a feeling I'm trying to acheive the impossible but its worth asking the question anyway....


Unfortunately due to commercial in confidence I cant give too detailed an explanation or upload models but I'll do my best to explain.


I have created an overall design of the key forms for a structure. This involves a series of lofts, surfaces and intersections etc and forms the baseline geometry for my design. Within this I have a series of planes with sketches that intersect the part bodys and define the geometry in that plane.


Each of these sketches I have saved as blocks and from this core set of blocks I will build the component parts of my structure by inserting them into new parts and building off them. To ensure continuity going forward, I need to be able to maintain a link (using external references) from the baseline geometry through the block files to the component part geometries.


Effectively I need to create blocks with referneces to both a parent file and multiple children files - any suggestions???


I'm aware that when you insert a block you check 'link to file' and this will create a link from the block to its children (although in all my models to date this had been greyed out!) but I havent found a way to save blocks/or sketches that maintains a link to their source.


Any help would be much appreciated as getting this right could save a lot of man hours - not to mention confusion - in the long term.