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    Angle Flipping Issue

    Michael Voysey



      I have come across this bug/ error/ issue, which I will now try to explain as best I can. I am using SolidWorks 2013-2014 Student edition. I will be using this technique to modify angle between parts through a c# form api (but I am not using it at the moment to modify the angle, just checking everything).

      I have for my example a simple part shown in the image below of a ball joint (I’ve tried this with a hinge joint to the same effect):



      I have setup 3 mates, one to connect the ball joint together, one angle mate to control the angle of movement left and right (using the planes between each half), and one to control the angle of movement forward and backward, as shown in the image below:


      Now if I move the part to 30 degrees (using either mate), resulting in the image below, but when I try to move the part to 330 or (-30 from zero) it keeps the part in the same place. I can define the angle between 1 and 179 and have it move as I want it to, but as soon as I enter a number above 180 it decides to flip the part internally and go between 1 and 179 on the same side, but instead it should be on the opposite side. I used 30 and 330 as just an easy option, the error appears even when using 90 and 270...



      I have tried two different ways of entering in the a new angle, one through the mate interface and editing the mate and setting a new angle, and the other way of double click the desired mate and then double selecting the angle and entering in a new angle and rebuilding. Both still come up against the same problem. I have looked for if there is a macro or setting to turn off but I can’t seem to find one. Has anyone out there got any idea’s or if not know that this is a bug? I am hoping it’s just something I am doing wrong. I have also attached the example I used


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          Adrian Ilie

          Hi Michael,


          I think this is not a flipping issue for Angle mate. Plase see attached avi: I've changed first angle to 45 (just to be more visible) and suppress second Angle mate, then I drag part it in GA ... during drag, Angle mate is always respected. Do you consider this a 'flipping issue'?

          I think you should find another way to do what you want. With existing constrains, your Angle mates will be unpredictible later.




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              Michael Voysey

              sorry I did forget a key part in my question that I am going to be changing the angle through api c# form input (i have edit my question to reflect this).


              how else would I control the angle between two parts? as I only want to give each part a certain degree of freedom or cone of movement


              I'm not sure why the way I have setup the angle mates would lead to unpredictability later, if I have defined the parts correctly, should they not stay where it is and not flip to the oppisite side?