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How to set the Radial Dimension Text Position?

Question asked by Yong Ning on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by Simon Turner

2010 SolidWorks Help - Dimension Leaders PropertyManager



Custom Text Position


Radial Dimension Text

Solid leader, aligned text



Broken leader, horizontal text



Broken leader, aligned text



help me.

API → Broken leader, horizontal text.




Sub lll()

  Dim SwApp As SldWorks.SldWorks, SwModel As ModelDoc2, SwDraw As DrawingDoc

    Set SwApp = GetObject(, "SldWorks.Application")

    Set SwModel = SwApp.ActiveDoc

    Set SwDraw = SwModel

  Dim SwSelMgr As SelectionMgr

    Set SwSelMgr = SwModel.SelectionManager

  Dim DispDim As DisplayDimension, SwDim As Dimension, SwAnn As Annotation


    Set DispDim = SwSelMgr.GetSelectedObject6(1, -1)

    With DispDim

      Debug.Print .HorizontalJustification


    End With


    With SwDim


    End With

    Set SwAnn = DispDim.GetAnnotation

    With SwAnn


    End With

End Sub