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rebuilding configs

Discussion created by Charles Maywood on Feb 20, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2007 by John H
Is it common to have to rebuild each configuration of a part file? What's happening is I have noticed that some of my standard part files need updating and I am confused as to why. For example, my washer part file, which has been in my library for years as read only needs to be saved when I open it up and switch configs. I am able to recreate this issue with brand new part files also. The little * appears after the file name on the title of the window for parts just by switching configs. These are parts that have no external refs, no equations, and no design tables. I can make the problem go away by traversing thru each config and rebuilding and then saving the part. This seems a little silly to me considering the amount of time a person would have to spend if you have a part file that had a hundred or so configs.