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    Hatch not updating

    Mike Hedger

      When I am in a drawing and I want to change the hatching for a component, I click on the hatched area and change the pattern, angle, and/or scale.  The "Apply changes immediately" box is checked, and when I click the green OK check mark to close out the Area Hatch/Fill, my drawing does not update with the correct hatching.  Clicking on the hatch again, the options show what the changes were indeed made, but the hatch simply does not update.  The only way I have been able to get hatching to update is by opening a part, then opening a sketch in that part and closing it, then returning to the drawing.  Only then is my hatching updated.  (note, I tried unselecting the "Apply changes immediately" box and manually clicking the "Apply" button with no effect)


      PLEASE tell me someone else has experienced this.  Any known fixes?