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    create feature specific custom properties for drawings?

    Jim Steinmeyer

      Not sure what section this would fit in best so I will put it here.

      The Challange:

                 We create our own wiring and cabeling harnesses in house. When we create assembly drawings that include the harnesses we want to show how the wires are connected to the different components or different connectors in the assembly. We usually include a note to the connection identifing the wire and the connectors. How do we keep the note linked to the different wires should someone decide they need to change the wire or connector in the assembly?


      If the harness is made of indivudual wires I can balloon the wire with the part number and then when I create the note I select the balloon to show the linked part number in the note. However if the harness uses a cord where several wires are part of the same component rather than as an assembly I do not know how to indicate the particular wire. As each wire is made of an individual sweep, and the sweep is named with the wire color, is there a way to link a custom property to each sweep?


      Or is there a better method to ensure that the notes change when / if the parts change?

      We are currently using SW 2014


      Thank you