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Server Link interrupted ???

Question asked by Georg Kohler on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2014 by Georg Kohler

We have been using Soliworks for 10 years or so - allways using a Mac server to host the files


since we upgarded to a new Mavricks Server  we do get a serever interrution if we don't interact with Solidworks every10-20 min.

- solidworks will flag the fielpath as not avaliable anymore - where in reality  the file(s) are always avaliable = there is no real problem on the file server side ....

- If you shut down solidworks and try to open the file again it's now marked as "Already Open"


But here is the frustration part .. the only way to get access to that assembly again, is by restarting the Server  :-( :-(



How is Solidworks 2012 kepping track of "open" files ? .. It dosn't seem to be using the "~" anymore

- In the old days you could just delete the files with the "~" prefix and that would allow you to open the file again ...


I have been spending hours on trouble shooting this and trying to find out how SW2012 keeps track of open files these days - with now success ..



Best regards


Georg Kohler