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Hope that this is the correct place - I have some issues with assemblies/parts (solidworks 2013 x64 student) any help!?

Question asked by Ishaak Saleem on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

Hello All,


Im a student using solidworks 2013 x64 and Im running into some issues with performance and constant hangs when opening/saving parts or assemblies.


with small parts solidworks is fine - opens/closes all parts does everything i want it to.


However as soon as i begin to create large assemblies using linear component patterns things start to go wrong.


A step by step of the process i am using to do what i need (cannot think of a simpler method)


1) create lattice unit cell part  - e.g. hollow cuboid

2) open assembly of unit cell and linear pattern it to 5X15X15 number - this was really time consuming but large assembly mode helped.

3) save this assembly as part with all features saved - takes approx 6 hours!

4) open new part (takes about an hour) - insert feature > combine > add - takes approx 2 hours?

5) open this new part into an assembly and fix it (slow down and hangs everywhere), insert new part - in this case a shoe and place this shoe within the lattice array

6) save this new as before as a part with all feature - takens approx 6 hours

7) open new part with 2 solidbodies (takes approx 2 hours) insert feature > combine > common - FAIL always hangs and requires a force close! tried leaving it over night but nothing happens (as if i havent pressed the green tick in the combine window)


8) ideally once the parts have been combined the next step would be delete all other miscellaneous solid bodies from the newly common combined part to leave 1 solid body (no folder) however i am yet to reach this stage with a larger model



As you can see the process is time consuming - large assembly mode has helps considerably when manipulating assemblies etc but I am struggling with manipulating parts due to hangs on opening/closing/inserting features....


Is there anything that the community can help with? I am new to solidworks having been using it for the better part of the year on various projects.


The is large but i can attach it/link it via dropbox if needed


Computer specs:

win 8.1

8 gig ram

nvidida gtx 770

intel 4670k stock clock speeds

many thanks