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Centrifugal Pump simulation getting terminated

Question asked by Eljas Linna on May 20, 2014
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My company will start integrating SolidWorks Flow Simulation to the product development process and I will be the main user. We are simulation the flow channel and the impeller of a centrifugal pump to find shapes which cause inefficiency. I have so far been unable to get proper results in a single simulation and I suspect the problem lies in my setup and the chosen simulation settings. The calculation begins nicely and ticks for several hours, until it suddenly gets terminated for an unknown reason, or gives results that don't make any sense (see picture below). Memory and hard drive are not a problem, since I'm still testing with the lowest resolution which uses only 30% of my RAM and there's hundreds of Gigabytes of space in the hard drive.


I have attached a set of files I am experimenting with.


Here's how I'm doing the simulation:

1. Assemble all parts and add lids to close the volume

2. Use the Wizard tool to create new simulation project (internal, local rotating region, water, lowest resolution)

3. Select the rotating region, a cylinder body which covers the whole impeller

4. Select Fluid Subdomain, it goes through the model nicely

5. Select boundary conditions: 1. Inlet volume flow (0,01m^3/s) 2. Outlet environment pressure 3. Select ideal wall for all parts except for the impeller

6. Run and pray


I am not quite sure if my rotating region is of proper shape and size. I did read through several tutorials and according to them this one should be correct. I am also not sure about the wall boundary condition. I read on another forum that all parts that are not rotating should be turned into walls, except for the lids. Is this correct?


Here's a picture of the solver during the calculation. It seems as if there was no movement at all. The scale of the pressure and velocity cut plots keeps changing higher and lower, but the actual value seems to stay the same and is uniform throughout the model. There are some very tiny spots near the impeller where velocity is higher than 0m/s.



What am I doing wrong? Any help is much appreciated.