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Good part modeling practices?

Question asked by robert dattilo on May 20, 2014
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     I had a situation where we wanted to make some drastic changes to a modeled part. They were drastic enough so that stuffed moved around & features were no longer

connected to the primary part. This kept the features, but made some of them separate bodies. I joined some of them together, & then joined some of the bodies all together.

I've ended up with a part that has 3 combines at the end of my modeling and things are tied together & functioning including doing some fillets that can't be done when the features are bodies etc.. I know I still have the features in the main column of the part and apparently can edit them as needed. My duties are dispersed & I'm not always doing heavier modeling. My question is this an acceptable arrangement things for this part. Is this somewhat routine, or will this come back to bite me, somewhere down the road?

     Is there a better way to do this, & keep the part one, or this is just part of the process? I'd rather not have to completely rebuild the model and that's part of this whole thing.


Thks, in advance for any input


Rob_D SW 2014 sp3