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Mouse scroll wheel uncontrollable zoom

Question asked by Michael Kawecki on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by Michael Kawecki

I have a problem where the scroll function on my mouse becomes uncontrollable at seemingly random times.  Most times the behaviour is what you might expect, moving the scroll wheel gives a proportional zoom on the screen.


However, on occasion, moving the scroll wheel a very small amount will cause the view on the screen to either zoom to a point on the screen or all the way in.  The only fix for this seems to be restarting SW (PITA).


Does anybody have a root cause for this?  Or maybe even just a work-around? 


I did see where someone else posted a similar issue for a Spacemouse but I haven't had an opportunity to try the work-around from that post although I'm not entirely certain I understand it not having had a chance to experience it and then try the fix.  Is it simply selecting a predefined view orientation which causes the mouse scroll wheel zoom factor to reset???



I have replaced my mouse (for other reasons as well) without success.  I speculate that having dual monitors and switching back and forth between applications may be a factor but it isn't anything I can reproduce.