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Creating a Chain without a loop.

Question asked by Mark Dougall on May 20, 2014

Hi there,


I just wanted to get a second opinion (possibly third, fourth etc....) of a project I'm working on. It involves a fairly complex chain system and I was wondering if there was any better way to do it than the method I currently have in place. I have had a look around and I can't find any information involving a chain that isn't in a loop.


Firstly the project is a Crane with an outer, middle and inner boom that uses one RAM and a chain system to slide each other in and out of one another at the same speed. What I ended up doing was creating a chain along a path and have it move with the movement of my outer boom, as well as the inner boom but this resulted in me moving the outer boom and then hitting rebuild to get the correct positions:


Double extension assem.JPG


Hopefully you can see the sketch within the image there. I was just wondering if there were a simpler method of doing this with the chain/belt system perhaps as the one I have in place is a bit slow and clunky.


I have attached a file for the chain movement I am using below. Any thoughts would be welcomed.