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    Quickview (RapidDraft) opening Issue

    Doug Foote

      Hello All...

      I have an applicatioin that has been running for sometime that opens a SolidWorks File and then does a save-as to a PDF.  This runs without issue.  Recently I changed the open string to open as a "Quickview" drawing.   The purpose of this was to remove the need to have all model and assembly support copied to same location as draiwng.


      With Quickview there is no Save-As to PDF but I can plot to an Adobe Printer to get the desired results.


      My Issue:

      Not ALL SolidWorks drawings are able to be opened in a Quickview Mode.  I am unable to detemine why some drawings work and others do not.  What I end up doing it trapping the error, which is = 1 (general error), and then open the drawing again with full model support.  This sort of defeats my project of removing all model support.


      Here is the string I am using to open the drawing:

          Set SldMD = swApp.OpenDoc6(FullFile, swDocDRAWING, 1 + 2 + 8, vbNullString, nErrors, nWarnings)


      I have tried variations of the swOpenDocOptions.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.