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Same part in a different subassembly - EPDM BOM

Question asked by Nurhidayah Aziz on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by Faur Arama



I have an issue with EPDM BOM.


Let say I have Part A in Subassembly 1 and another same Part A in Subassembly 2.. Is Part A going to come out two times in my whole assembly BOM in EPDM or just once but the quantity will be two?


In current situation, I need both Part A in both subassemblies to be combined and the quantity shown as '2' in my whole BOM. I tried the 'Combine Identical Components' function in SolidWorks BOM. Yes, both Part A are combined together and the quantity is shown as '2'. But it only works in SolidWorks, not in EPDM BOM.


I would really appreciate it if anybody can share thoughts or solution for this.