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multi-body duplicate flat patterns

Question asked by Shawn Pantzke on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by Dylan Zingle

I am working with a multibody sheetmetal part that has fifteen bodies with ten being unique, and have a need to save out all of the unique bodies as a dxf. While I have a macro to save out all of the flat patterns individually (fifteen bodies)  I have a need to have the flat pattern name linked to the cutlist item. This would allow me to bypass the duplicate flat pattens that exist. The macro that I run takes a significant amount of time to create each dxf file so I would like to bypass the duplicates. This would also let me tie a cutlist property to the name of the dxf so that I can list the dxf name in the cutlist.


If anyone out there has any ideas on this I would be interested in hearing what others have done or ideas that may be out there.


Thanks in advance.