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    Lakhvinder Singh

      Hi All,


      Attached is a file showing the loads and fixtures applied to an equipment during an analysis. This is from another software. Is there any option in SolidWorks Simulation, where we can show loads and fixtures in this way? Thanks in advance.





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          Kumar Dandapani

          Hi Lakhvinder,


          Up to my knowledge we can show the Fixtures with symbols and loads also we can show it. But what your shown like that not possible. May be in future Solidworks may Enhance this feature as a new enhancement.Thanks




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              Jared Conway

              No way to do it in simulation. Looks good though. Would be a great enhancement.


              If we need to do this for a customer report, we do it manually. Usually with edrawings. Or a screen shot in a swx drawing and leveraging drawing symbols.


              The only other options would be a report to capture all the info or to choose the items in the tree. That should show some detail in the graphics window.