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Simulation - rigid cylinder having circumfirential rotation dof alone

Question asked by Sharath Kumar Ananda Kumar on May 18, 2014
Latest reply on May 26, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hello All,


I would like to run a simulation in which I require a cylinder to have all dof's fixed other than the rotation about its own axis. I tried the following ways but it results in an inacurate model.


1. made the cylinder solid and allowed only circumfirential translation in advanced fixture n made the cylinder rigid. I applied a tangential force. But the forces on the cylinder caused it to move in axial direction and increased radius.


2. Tried to make a hollow surface and define it as shell elements. But solidworks is not letting me model the hollow surface as shell. It says select a face on a solid surface.


3. What would making a solid cylinder and making the outer surface as shell n arresting all translation motion n other two rotational motion make the whole cylinder constrained in five dof's and make it rotate about its own axis.


Please advice if the third way is correct or suggest any other methods that would strictly restrain the cylinder in 5 dof's other than rotating about its own axis.


Thanks in advance.