Doug Kuhn

insert disk 4 when installing from DVD???

Discussion created by Doug Kuhn on Feb 20, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2007 by Andrzej Soporowski
The other day i was installing solidworks 2007 sp 2.2. i was upgrading from 0.0. when it was almost done, i got a message saying to insert disk 4. the only problem with inserting disk 4 is....i was installing from the DVD. so i took out the dvd input disk 4 and nothing happened. then i cancelled the install. i restarted the SP install. same thing happened. this time i just cancelled. i restarted my computer and attempted to install the service pack again. didn't work. so i cancelled and SHUTDOWN my computer. after i turned it back on, i restarted the SP install and this worked.
so if anyone else has this issue, this is a easy work around. this has nothing to do with the installation problem with the .cab file. but a new one that i could not find any solutions to. my VAR had no idea what was going on and sent me the fix for the .cab problem. apparently they can't read what i told them.
my huge problem with solidworks now is that they would let a service pack stay out there with LOTS of problems in the install. if 50% or more have problems with the install of a service pack, it's not worth having that service pack out. and they should have left the SP2.0 on the page so we had SOMETHING to work with. i had to waste 2 days installing solidworks onto 3 computers because of all the issues we ran into. but....they already have our money so who cares about the software RUNNING.