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Undercut Analysis Problem

Question asked by Gian Campa on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by Doug Seibel

Hi, today in class we were doing the anslysis of a mouse that we have modelled, but when I tried to do the undercut analysis it didn't did well like to the others in class, and after I closed the PropertyManager, the analysis results did not remain visible in the graphics area, as it should be.

This problem occured just in two pcs, my and my teacher. He was using the 2010-2011 education version like most people in class(network installation) and I was using my own laptop with sw 2010.The file was the same, modelled by our teacher. He also didn't know why, because in his laptop it worked well.

The purpose of this was to mantain in the grafic area the results, so that we could draw a new parting surface to divide the top part of the mouse from the botton part, avoiding undercuts.

Can someone help?