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    SW Keeps Crashing

    Greg Raymond

      Hello. I am trying to embed an equation into a part document, however I am having some trouble. I am going to "Manage Equations" and importing a .txt file. I pick the .txt file with the equations, but when I try to upload it, it crashes every time. I get a SW needs to close crash error. I have no idea why it keeps crashing.


      When I upload the file I uncheck the "link" box, although I checked one time just to try something new and it gave "Run-time error '28':" and then it says "Out of stack space". From there the only option I have is to debug and when I click it, this line from the macro that I am trying to run comes up highlighted in yellow.


      If IsEmpty(swModel.GetMassProperties) Then


      I am not sure if it's an illegal operation that's causing SW to crash. If so, is there another way I can say the same line? By the way, Visual Basic language is greek to me. Thank you for any help.