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Converting .stl file to .iges

Question asked by Claudia Smith on May 16, 2014
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I am using another software (Amira) to import CT scans (DICOM format) and create a solid surface and mesh, which I then want to import into SolidWorks in order to manipulate the bone segment. However, Amira only exports .stl files. Everytime I try to open the .stl file in SolidWorks, the image appears, but I am not able to manipulate it in any way. However, I am able to import .iges files and manipulate those. Is there any way for me to convert the .stl files from Amira to a .iges file, and then import them into SolidWorks for further work?


I have the Student Edition of SolidWorks.


Thank you!


Claudia Smith