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Toolbox locks computer out via SWBrowser.ldb

Question asked by Jeff Bert on Feb 19, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2007 by Jeff Bert
We have a four user environment in SW2007.  We're using ashared toolbox.  Only one person's computer ever gets lockedout and it's always the same one.   We see a fileSWBrowser.ldb created next to the SWBrowser.mdb in lang/English

When this person is the only one running SW the file is createdwhen he starts up SW and disappears when he exits.  If anyoneelse starts SW after he has started then the file stays inplace.

This is causing him some issues such as certain fasteners inToolbox can't be dragged into a new assembly since it says thefastener is being written to by someone else.  All our toolboxsettings appear to be the same.