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    Sub folder permissions

    Jason Capriotti

      Our vault "Product Data" has various sub folders. One is called "Projects" and under that is many sub-folders of various projects.


      C:\Product Data\Projects



      How can I give a group of users access to only one of those project subfolders? I tried creating a group called "Project Team member" Then added a location for just that user:


      "C:\Product Data\Projects\X90000



      However they can't see it unless I also add "C:\Product Data\Projects" However doing that allows them to see all projects. I expected it to work like at the root level where you don't have anything checked for the vault root but give various sub-folder access. However it doesn't appear to work further down from the vault root, you have to give parent folder access.

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          Jim Sculley

          See Solution ID S-054493


          Jim S.

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              Jason Capriotti

              Thanks...I was hoping there would be some kind of workaround via assigning project specific permissions.

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                  Arto Kvick

                  Create a group which has access to the Projects -folder, but not to the sub folders.


                  Rightclick the desired project and select "Properties". Under "Group membership" you can elevate the person to for example "Engineers" group.


                  We use this a lot with our External engineers. By default they only belong to "external engineers" -group which has a root access only to Projects and products.. and case by case we elevate them to "regular" engineers per project / product.


                  "Assign group membership" This is a folder permission for a group. I have granted this permission to our Project Managers -group to the Projects and Products -folder.


                  As it is a bit hard to keep track through admin -tool, who has access to what, we maintain a simple excel sheet for external engineers accesses.

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                      Jason Capriotti

                      Thanks....my VAR put me on to the same method. I had tried this in our test vault before but couldn't get it to work. The reason it turns out had to do with the renaming of vault for our test system. It left the old vault name behind in some places...one being the dialogue where you pick the path in the group assignment.