Randy Kimball

releas 2007, ANSI-Socket head screw-socket head shoulde screw.. no icon

Discussion created by Randy Kimball on Feb 19, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2007 by Gerald Davis
When I (and my counter part) open Tool Box and go to use the sockethead shoulder screw, it is listed but their is no model icon. .. so it can not be drug onto the model to configure andplace into the assembly.

When we looked it was was referencing a model for "socket headshoulder screw 2" and no bit map was there.

However, when I opened assemblies using socket head shoulder screwsthey worked, ...  I assume because there is still a"socket head shoulder screw" model w/ bit map in thedirectory.

Instructions, please as this is an important group of screws for mydesign work.