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Export BOM to XML causing EPDM Database Server Service to Crash

Question asked by Patrick Rosenwald on May 15, 2014

Hi everyone


We've configured an Export rule to export a named BOM to an XML file. Unfortunately, it doesn't create the file, and each time we run it, it causes the EPDM Database Server service to crash. The only way to restart the service (short of editing the tables directly in the database) is to delete the Export rule, which also deletes the queue associated with this rule.


According to the documentation, the destination folder has to be accessible by the database server, and even putting this folder directly on the server itself with full control permissions for everyone doesn't resolve the problem.


Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, how did you resolve the issue?


Thanks in advance for any pointers.





PS - we're using EPDM vers 2014sp2

PSS - the service is running with a login that has full access to our network