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    Non-Unique files : How to generate auto-reference

    Mandar Parkhi

      I have enabled unique file setting for my valut ('Do not allow duplicate file names in this vault'). I am trying to check-in an assembly which contains some files with unique names and some files which are non-unique (already existing in the vault). When I check-in the folder, only the unique files are checked-in. Duplicate files are not checked-in.


      Is there a setting / option to automatically refer the existing files in vault in place of the new duplicate files ?

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          Michael Dekoning

          In the folder you can delete the duplicate files that won't check-in. Then use the Update References tool using the "Find Files" option.

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              Mandar Parkhi

              Hi Michael, Thanks a lot for your answer. But I need some more details.


              I created an assembly with 6 parts and checked into the vault.


              Then I checkout the assembly, copied the 7 files to new folder, then in the copied folder, modified two part names, modified assly name, modified assly references to two modofied parts.


              Then I pasted the folder in vault. Then checked in the folder. Only the assly and two parts got checked in. Then I deleted the other 4 parts which could not be checked-in.


              Then I selected the assembly in vault. clicked Tools --> Update references.


              But it showed only two references. SO THE REFERENCES OF THE FOUR DELETED FILES WERE ALSO DELETED.


              Pl. suggest how to update references.


              Warm Regards,

              Mandar Parkhi


              example for update file references.jpg