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eDrawings Publisher hangs and crashes NX 7.5?

Question asked by Joseph White on May 15, 2014



I was hoping that someone could shine some light on my problem as none of our resellers want to help with this particular problem.


When I use the eDrawings publisher button within NX 7.5 eDrawings crashes and doesn't complete the required process. As a secondary result it also crashes NX 7.5.


I can see that eDrawings collects a licence when I request it but it is then handed back 7 minutes later. So this definately isn't a licence problem. I've done clean installs of both products on fresh systems and the problem still persists.


I've checked the Windows applications logs and nothing is reported, ....weird.



Windows 7 x64


UG NX 7.5
eDrawings Publisher for NX 2014 x64 10_3


Has anyone got any ideas?


Many Thanks