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Selection Tool Not Working

Question asked by Matthew Prendergast on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on May 15, 2014 by Derek Parks

Newbie to Composer, experienced SW user.



  • When I mouse over a label or part I simply retain the cross-hair selection tool. I do not obtain the "hand with part" selection icon. When I mouse over a 2D image produced by the digger tool I obtain the "hand w part" icon and can select it, and move it.
  • If I insert a new label I cannot reposition it.
  • I cannot select actors or collaborators in non-perspective mode unless I use the click-hold-drag selection window
  • I can mouse over and single click select a 2D image produced by the digger tool
  • If I put the viewport into perpective mode I obtain all these properties and can move and select labels and parts.
  • If I open a sample product file I can mouse over and move parts and labels regardless of perspective mode.



Obviously I have compared the selection tool menues between perspective and non-perspective mode and effected file and un-affected file many times. I have clicked on everything I can imagine. I have selected the labels and compare properties, however since parts have the same problem it seems to be a more global position. Hit a hot-key perhaps?


Seems so simple.... yet still have not solved it.... any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance.