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Is a prefix required on ALL file names in order to go through a workflow ?

Question asked by Russell Simms on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on May 15, 2014 by Russell Simms

I come from CREO and Windchill world at my previous job. My new place of business uses CREO, but uses Solidworks PDM for it's data management.


Our administrator is under the belief that all files must have a predefined prefix in order to go through a workflow. So if you could imagine a file that would normally be named "side_panel.prt" would have to be named for example "wpengstd-side_panel.prt" in order to go to a workflow...this applies to ALL files...excel, creo, pdf, anything has to have a workflow prefix.


Everything I see and read seems contrary to that. I am working with her to create a workflow without a condition of Category (which she uses to define the workflow), but with condition of Filepath only so all files in a particular folder go through the same workflow.


Am I missing something or is she correct ? I'm being persistent but hopeful to her in hopes we can set this up correctly for a new engineering folder.