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    <MOD-DIAM> Instead of Ø in older drawings opened in 2014

    Spencer Reese

      None of the discussions seem to fit this situation completely.


      Drawings initiallly created in SW 2014 do not have any issues with symbols, particularly <MOD-DIAM>.


      Drawings initially created in previous versions do not always display, print, or export correctly, even when saved, and even when the sheet format is changed to one created in 2014.




      A drawing created in SW 2012 or SW 2013 is opened in SW 2014.  Where the Ø appeared on the sheet, it displays as <MOD-DIAM>.  Clicking on the dimension sometimes makes it temporarily display as a Ø again, but as soon as the drawing is printed or exported to a .pdf, the hard copy or .pdf shows <MOD-DIAM>, even if it was correctly displayed in SW as Ø at the time of printing.


      Deleting the dimension and adding it again does not prevent this.  Deleting the <MOD-DIAM> in the Dimension Text window of the Dimension pane and clicking on the Ø to re-add it does not prevent this.  The ONLY way to fix old drawings is to start over and completely re-create the drawing in SW 2014, or to replace <MOD-DIAM> in the Dimension Text box with a Ø, manually, using ALT+0216.


      Seemingly related, in any drawing initially created in a previous version, even when updated and saved, if a note is created and the Add Symbol button in the Text Format box of the Note pane is clicked the message "Symbol library file (GTOL.SYM) is missing.  Use Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations to specify the file location" appears.  Following this path, the folder for Symbol Library File is C:\ProgramData\SolidWork\SolidWorks 2014\lang\english.  Using Windows Explorer, it is confirmed that the folder contains GTOL.SYM.


      In any drawing initially created in SW 2014, the Add Symbol button works fine and the Options > System Options > File Locations show the exact same path for GTOL.SYM, but it actually works for these drawings.


      Only SW 2014 is installed on this computer; all previous versions were removed.  I have not experienced this issue in any previous versions of SolidWorks.


      Any ideas?