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    3DSMAX mesh to Solidworks

    John Costa

      Ok this question is in need of some real help. I need advice on getting my 3DSMAX model into SolidWorks. THe model has been converted to a mesh or poly, exported succesfully out of Max as a DWG file and an STL file. How can I get it into SW now? IGES to SW? Convert to IGES using what? then import to SW? Help!

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          Chris Dordoni

          What do you need to do with this in SolidWorks?


          Typically, a mesh model is only good for a reference and would need to be rebuilt using SolidWorks own modeling tools.


          For some things, you might be be able to import a mesh as a solid or surfaces, but the limiting factor here is the number of triangles. About 15,000 - 20,000 tris is the upper end for using it as a solid or surface body in the Standard SolidWorks


          If you have the Scan to 3D option in the SolidWorks license (SolidWorks Premium) this would give you a some options to be able to fit nurbs surfaces to the triangles, as well as opening larger files.


          Converting a triangulated file to directly to an IGS file is usually not helpful, as the triangles don't change. The exception to this would be using something like Geomagic, which fits a smooth nurbs surface to the triangles.