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Attributes disappear after being assigned

Question asked by Phil Johnston on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on May 14, 2014 by Phil Johnston

So I have a circuit breaker I've inserted into my schematic. I want edit an attribute to assign it a name that will appear on the actual schematic AND another attribute that will show up as the current rating for the breaker.


So I RMB on the symbol in my schematic and go to "edit attributes" and I click on the field under "Value" and it lets me enter in the information I want. Then I click OK and go back to my schematic...and sometimes, but not always, the information I entered is not displayed. So if I go back to edit attributes again, the information I entered is no longer shown in those fields under "Value".


Is this a bug? It seems like I should be able to edit the attributes and have the information I entered not randomly disappear (and sometimes, but not always, not even appear on the schematic) after I exit the dialogue...