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    SolidWorks Pack and Go not packing everything.

    Andrew Collins

      Hello, I am having a problem with solidworks (2007) where I am trying to pack and go a large assembly of 213 files needed to pack and go (57 sub assemblies/156 parts).  I've used pack and go before and it's worked fine, where it's packed everything all the files into a single folder.


      The problem I'm having now is when I pack and go it will only copy over about 30 of the assemblies, and thats it no part files.  If I delete and try again sometimes i only get 16 or 17.  I have all the boxes checked as if I need to pack and go all the files, but i'm only getting mostly the immediate sub assemblies usd to build my main assembly.  I am not getting the sub assemblies and the parts within those immediate sub assemblies.


      Can someone help me out is there some wieird setting that is triggered as to why Pack and go is no longer copying my files over?



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          Jerry Steiger



          I don't know of any setting that would cause Pack and Go to only gather up part of the files. Have you tried rebooting your computer?I'm guessing that you are just running into some kind of memory issue.


          Since you are running SW2007, I suppose it is possible that you are still running a 32 bit operating system. That would make it more likely that you could be having memory problems. If that is the case and you are not already running with the 3 GB switch, then doing so may help out.


          Jerry S.

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              Andreas Olofsson

              I've experienced the same thing as Andrew many times when doing pack and go, and I'm primarily using SW 2014 x64. I too am working with very big assemblies.

              My computer has got 48GB of RAM.

              The new assembly still keeps several references to the old parts, and the most annoying thing about it is that there is no quick way to fix it. I'll have to look through the list of references (which will open in a VERY small window that needs to be expanded every single time since SW never learns anything that the user inputs) and look for what components use their old references, then search for them in the FeatureManager filter, and click replace component and browse for the newly created component from the pack and go. Tedious much?


              To the SW devs: maybe you ought to take your minds off of the new color scheme of the 2016 UI and actually do some real work? You have obviously neglected this issue for several releases, seeing as Andrew reported it from the 2007 version.

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              Jeff Mowry

              I see that all the time when working with clients who use Pack n Go.  The workaround I use is how it used to be done a long time ago, which is a bit less automated:


              File > Find References > Copy Files (and then point to the directory you'd like everything saved, making sure you've also taken a look at the options in the upper part of the window to select what you need)


              Some computers/installations seem to have trouble with Pack n Go, others not.  I haven't seen a failure of the "old-school" method above anywhere.

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                John Stoltzfus

                Pack & Go was a nemesis for me for a long time, the way I get it to work for my work flow is that I do the pack & go when I'm in the drawing file, then do a search and replace and save it in another directory.  That keeps everything together and keeps all the links the way it should work.  If you have interchangeable components within the main assembly, you can uncheck the box so you don't have multiple copies of the same part.