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SolidWorks Pack and Go not packing everything.

Question asked by Andrew Collins on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2020 by Marshall Anderson

Hello, I am having a problem with solidworks (2007) where I am trying to pack and go a large assembly of 213 files needed to pack and go (57 sub assemblies/156 parts).  I've used pack and go before and it's worked fine, where it's packed everything all the files into a single folder.


The problem I'm having now is when I pack and go it will only copy over about 30 of the assemblies, and thats it no part files.  If I delete and try again sometimes i only get 16 or 17.  I have all the boxes checked as if I need to pack and go all the files, but i'm only getting mostly the immediate sub assemblies usd to build my main assembly.  I am not getting the sub assemblies and the parts within those immediate sub assemblies.


Can someone help me out is there some wieird setting that is triggered as to why Pack and go is no longer copying my files over?