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Removing Reference from Item

Question asked by Ben Molitor on May 13, 2014

I am trying to remove a reference from an Item. My code works fine when I add a Reference to the Item through code.

But when I add a reference to an Item manually through the Item Explorer, I am not able to Remove this Reference. Any Ideas?



    Private Function Item_RemoveFile(ByRef Item As IEdmItem, FileName As String, FileID As Integer) As String


            Dim RemoveRef(0) As EdmItemRef

            Dim refFlags As Integer = EdmRefFlags.EdmRef_File

            Dim ExistingRefs() As EdmItemRef = Nothing


            ' Get Existing References

            Item.GetReferences(refFlags, ExistingRefs)


            For Each ExistingRef As EdmItemRef In ExistingRefs


                If ExistingRef.moNamePathOrID = FileID Then


                     ' Found Reference

                    RemoveRef(0) = ExistingRef


                    ' Remove Reference

                    Item.UpdateReferences(Nothing, RemoveRef)



                    ' This Function Checks the Item Back In

                     Update_ItemStatus(Item, True, "Removed File Reference")


                    Return ""


                End If

            Next ExistingRef