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    Listing dimensions from a Multi Body Part

    Nick Hayman

      Afternoon All,


      I have a part that is formed from sketches which have been extruded using boss / base extrude feature. Standard stuff. A multi body part.


      Each sketch has its own set of dimensions. Lets say we have 4 bodies (sketch & extrude) each with 5 dimensions. Total of 20 dimensions.


      I would like to be able to play a macro that finds all the dimensions within the multibody part and link them to an excel sheet. The idea being when i enter a number into the excel document it changes the part.


      So we have two MAIN questions here:


      1.     Collecting the dimensions with a multi body part? Will the code show what body the dimension is from and a name?

      2.     How can i get this information (dimensions, multi body part) to an excel sheet? Design table function?


      Maybe i need to look into wrting code that collates all the dims and shows what body they are in and then link this information to a design table?



      At this stage im not looking for offers of code (although carry on if you feel) im really looking to understand how this will happen?


      Again, Many Thanks in advance!