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Rename multiple equations in multiple parts?

Question asked by J. R. on May 13, 2014

Hi all,


I am working on top down design. There are many parts referencing to Global Variables of Master Part.


I decided to move all these Global Variables to a dimensions in a sketch.


So, every part should now reference like ="Plywood thickness@Sketch1@Master Part.sldprt" (dimension of a sketch) instead of ="Plywood thickness@Master Part.sldprt" (Global Variable).


However, naturally, all references are broken, and I have to rename each one by hand by just adding "@Sketch1" to each broken equation in every part.



Problem is that there is like 100 parts and around 250 broken equations.


I need to automate this renaming somehow. If it were one big part, I could export equations to .txt file, edit it with Notepad (Replace command would work very well). However, since most parts have like 2-3 broken equations, it is not worth the time. However, renaming each by hand will take me most of the day.


How can I rename all these equations at once in these multiple parts? I just need to replace "@Master Part.sldprt" to "@Sketch1@Master Part.sldprt" in EACH equation, no exceptions.



How can I do this? Maybe a macro?