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    Selecting an edge in drawing combines 2 edges

    Jamil Snead

      I have a spring that I am making a drawing of and I wanted to hide one of the edges. However when I try to select the edge it also selects a nearby edge, as if the two were the same edge. The edges are not overlapping, touching, nor tangent. There is a gap of .0001 between them. In the part file I can select the individual edges no problem, but for some reason in the drawing it thinks it is one long edge.

      edge select.png

      edge select 2.PNG

      I set the Wireframe and high quality HLR/HLV resolution to the max and that didn't help, and I have the box checked for Precisely render overlapping geometry.

      Anyone seen anything like this before?


      I've attached the part in case you want to try it out.