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Cut Lists, Custom Properties, and Derived Parts

Question asked by David Chiles on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by David Chiles

I'm curious as to how others are working with SW14 and whether you are linking (or not) custom properties to inserted (derived) parts that are separate detailed dwgs or parts?


We use standard base plates for our handle rails. These base plates are part files with their own detailed dwgs. We create the handrails as weldments and insert the base plates as derived parts as needed. Our weldment cut list is then inserted in our drawings and looks for a property called "Material' and "Material ID" (We use an internal ID number for our materials). The problem is my weldment cut list needs to show the handrail “Material” and “Material ID”…and the "Description"  and "Part ID" of the base plates, not the "Material" and Material ID" of the base plates. In SW12 this was not a problem because we could edit the properties of the derived parts in the weldment (essentially breaking or ignoring the link). I’m currently testing SW14 for upgrade at our company and it does not appear that the custom properties can be edited, or the link broken, once established.


I’ve come up with two possible solutions:

  1. Do Not link the custom properties when inserting the derived part. – this makes me leery as it leaves it up to the user to make the choice (and I’m all about limiting choices for our users)
  2. Create a Cut List that shows both properties – haven’t figured this one out yet as I don’t need the Material and Material ID to show for a derived part.  Too much information may confuse purchasing.



The same scenario would apply for PEM nuts inserted into sheet metal - where you’d want to show the part number of the PEM nut and not the material the PEM nut was made of.  Does anyone else deal with this?