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How to Continue to Advance in Solidworks Knowledge.

Question asked by Rob Docter on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by Christopher Estelow

Hey guys I just recieved my Solidworks CSWP certificate and I am wanting to continue my knowledge at home to learn some more advanced techniques.  So I am just wondering if any of you guys can help me like are there any books I can follow to learn more about surfacing (as I am not very good at that right now).  Or are there any books or ways to improve my modeling and drafting and machine drawing skills.  And also a way to learn more advanced assemblies and assembly mates.  Also I would like to know if there is any books or any other way to learn some more advanced techniques like using 2 solids to delete on into the other like in making a mold like solid or any other ways to do that,  I am not sure if I am explaining it right as I have forgot how to do that.  Thankyou for any of your advice and help.