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    How to Continue to Advance in Solidworks Knowledge.

    Rob Docter

      Hey guys I just recieved my Solidworks CSWP certificate and I am wanting to continue my knowledge at home to learn some more advanced techniques.  So I am just wondering if any of you guys can help me like are there any books I can follow to learn more about surfacing (as I am not very good at that right now).  Or are there any books or ways to improve my modeling and drafting and machine drawing skills.  And also a way to learn more advanced assemblies and assembly mates.  Also I would like to know if there is any books or any other way to learn some more advanced techniques like using 2 solids to delete on into the other like in making a mold like solid or any other ways to do that,  I am not sure if I am explaining it right as I have forgot how to do that.  Thankyou for any of your advice and help.


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          Andrew Collins

          Thats great you got your CSWP but the stuff you're asking for like using Cavity and multi body parts is stuff that was basicaly covered in a normal level 2 Solidworks course.  Its stuff i learned before even taking the CSWA.  You should go look at Level 2 and Level 3 Solidworks books.

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            Joe Kuzich

            I have taken a 4 step approach.  First I played around with the software trying to make it do what I wanted.  Secondly, when I ran into things I didn't know how to do I looked to the SW tutorials and YouTube videos.  Thirdly, I ask specific questions of co-workers, friends and on this website.  All that wasn't bad I learned a lot through trial and error, but you don't know what you don't know. Fourth, I had taken a class at a local community college. This was great because it introduced me to a few things that I didn't know about and that made life easier.  All the self teaching gave me a different approach that often gave me an opportunity to suggest different ways of doing things in class that the instructor was unaware of.  The sharing of knowledge helped us both figure out better practices.  Another really nice thing about the class was that it came with a student version of SW so I could practice at home too.  We also used a book 'Engineering Design with Solidworks' that was easy to follow along with.  I like all the computer resources but sometimes its just nice to have a book in front of you.

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              Christopher Estelow


                 Matt Lombard's Surfacing and Complex Shape Modeling book is a good one.  It also has a companion website where you can download files for the excersices as well.  Well worth the money.  It really opened my eyes to the power of surfacing!!!