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Transferring license from SLN to Lmadmin

Question asked by Eric Lapointe on May 12, 2014



We recentlly purchased  a floaing license of SolidWorks Standard Edition 2014.  I installed the latest version of SLN into our server (Windows SBS 2011) and the solidworks programs into diffferents workstations.  So far, it's seems to works.


However, in or business, we are using more than one porogram that required floating license (OrCAD, Mentor Graphics, Xilinx, etc..) and hey all used FlexLM bases to do commmunication (just like SLN does.


Last year, we decide to move from lmtools to LMAdmin.  LMAdmin used a web-base program than can help user identify why his/ser license gives problem.  It also permit  to remote user (administrator) to start/stop services without been connected on the server by RDC.


I looked into the directory structure of the SLN problem (the one that was installed on the server.  I can identify the program sw_d.exe than can bridge information betweem lmtools and the license.


I also find a file name sw_d.lic.  This file comain a header of that it look like a license file :


VENDOR SW_D port=25735



but nothing more.  Usually, more data is written into the license file.


Is there a way to get a correct license file or all informations are written into the SW_d.exe ?


Thank you