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Axle rotation driven by belt

Question asked by Jorge Barbosa on May 12, 2014
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I working with Solidworks for a few years now but I'm quite a rookie with motion analysis.

I already run my model with flow simulation and motion analysis after some tries, I wonder if it's possible to run a flow simulation with a path movement, since with flowsimulation I can just insert a model to rotate in one axis.

Anyway my goal is to achieve the angular vel and torque of one of the axle's which the belt is spinning.

I was able to get some results from the flow simulation first, I'd inserted into the motion analysis and the wing moves along the path, but now my main issue is to make the belt moving together with the wing and then pass that movement to the axles so they can rotate.


If not, what could be the best way to reach my goal?



thank youCattura.PNG