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Question asked by Charlie Plant on May 11, 2014
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I'm still fairly new to solidworks and need help with a problem I am having.

Im making component housing using a laser cutter. The housing is made up from 2mm thick sheet material which is layered up.

each layer is different contouring the components within.

I've been succesfull so far with 3 components, however this last is prooving difficult.


I have been modeling the components roughly with the right size dimensions and placement. I then use the molding tool to make a female of the component.

The next step is to hide the original component, leaving just the cavity which I split up into the different layers.

Then export lines as DXF.


So all i need is a cavity mold of my component. As im a novice I dont know where im going wrong...

Any help would be greatly appreciated as im working on a short deadline.