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p4600 graphics

Question asked by Vincent Anonymous on May 11, 2014
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I should start off by saying this computer is not for me but a graduation present for my girlfriend. She does a lot of simulations on different software which doesn't require a graphics card and uses Solidworks from time to time. The simulations last for days so I already went out and bought a motherboard with ECC support and 32gb ram which may be unnecessary but it has already been done.


I am not sure which graphics card I need to buy or if on board graphics will do. It seems like a waste if she uses Solidworks for just a couple hours a week. She specializes in conveyor belts and hoppers if that helps. This would be typical of the most complicated design she would deal with:



From there I think it is exported and then the simulation starts.


My questions:
Is if it is really necessary to buy a k600 graphics card when the onboard p4600 is supported by solidworks?

Has anybody compared p4600 to k600 using the latest drivers and found the k600 to be substancially faster?

What actually happens when the graphics card is not powerful enough?

Are the powerful cards only necessary when lots of special effects are turned on?


Please go easy on me. I do not know anything about this program but I do want to buy her what she needs.